Weber Auction Service



Weber Auction Service is a family owned and run business.

 Started in 1960 by Darrel, he was soon joined by  Patsy, at which time she took over the cashiering of the auctions.  Darrel and Patsy have built this business to where is today by maintaining a strong work ethic and an ever growing group of buyers and sellers.  In 1997 son Gary followed in his fathers footsteps and went to auctioneers school and has been an integral part of the business since.  Daughter Cindy and youngest son Steve grew up helping out the family in numerous ways by carrying sheets , holding up merchandise, or whatever else needs done. Even now as adults they can be found doing these same jobs.

Weber Auctions is a fully insured auction company.  From appraisal to sales Weber auction provides full service; such as packing, moving out the day of the sale, properly displaying items to be sold, and clean up after the sale.  At the close of the sale a full accounting of all items sold and all buyers present will be given to the seller along with the check


From antiques to real estate let the 50 years of experience work for you.  Contact Weber Auction for your auction needs.